Writing for your Website

Writing Basics

  • The Basics of Writing (writing voice, style, passive active voice)
  • How to enhance your Website Content (7 ways to enhance your website content?: add a table, add table of contents, have a pop up half way through, add sliders)

  • What should you write on your Homepage? (see website formula really?)

Hiring Freelancers

  • How to Hire a Writer (learn where to hire, the different types of writers, and what to ask for

  • My story of hiring writers. How did they go. Monthly update?


  • What is a Blog

  • How to write a Blog Post (outline, write like mad, edit, publish)

  • How to write a Blog Post in WordPress (create header, set your headings, style blog post, publish)

  • Blog post Writing Ideas (the list, the round up)

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  • What is SEO and why it’s Important

  • How to get High SEO Rankings

  • WordPress Plugins to help with SEO (compare yoast, all in one seo?
Add this at the bottom of plugins to help with SEO?
  • What is a WordPress Plugin
  • What Essential WordPress Plugins do you need
  • How to setup Yoast SEO

Legal Pages

  • How to write a Private Policy

  • GDPR

Writing Formulas

What should you write on a certain page

  • Home (what should you write on your home page) (cover the purpose, what website do you want)

  • About

  • Services

  • FAQ

  • Testimonial

  • Contact

  • Privacy

  • Terms and Conditions

Website Formula Examples

Website with the Formula Examples
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