Structure of Website Design

Website Layout

  • Understanding a website layout

  • How to break down a website layout

  • What is a Wireframe with examples

  • What Website Layouts could you have

Website Design Essentials


  • The basics of Website Colour Theory

  • Why do some Colours look great together and others don’t

  • The emotions of Colour and why it’s important in a Website Brand

  • How to pick your Colour Scheme

  • Helpful Colour Design Websites

  • How to find the Colours of a Website


  • The basics of Website Font Theory

  • Why Fonts are important in a Website to evoke emotion and enhance your Website

  • How to pick the right Fonts for your Website

  • The Top 10 Google Fonts for 5 Font Types

  • How to find the Font Type on a Website


  • The basics of a Logo

  • What type of Logo could you have

  • The different types of Logo downloads

  • How to create a free Logo

  • How to put a Logo in a WordPress Website


  • Why you should use Images on your website

  • What types of Images could you have

  • Where to get free Images

  • Where to get paid Images

  • How to make your own eye-catching Images with Canva

  • How to make your own professional product Images

  • Easy and Free way to edit the size of your Image

Website Inspiration

Website Layout

  • Best Websites to look for Inspiration

  • How to Screenshot a Website

  • How to organize your Inspirational Folder
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